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Pro Cycle

Tuesday, September 13th 2022

“Design in a linear economic model has been successful in providing affordable products on a mass scale. But the designed outputs of this extractive, wasteful, and polluting economy are also the underlying cause of climate change and biodiversity loss. In this material- and energy-intensive economic system, most of the goods bought for consumption are not returned for any further use, representing a huge economic loss which amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars.” Ellen Macarthur Foundation

Drive for sustainability

Lucent Lighting have been working on our sustainability practices over the past 4 years. We began with analysis of all our packaging; moving away from white boxes to brown boxes, using recyclable inks, brown packing paper and compostable bags instead of plastics. In 2021 we gained our ISO:14001 certification, and in the same year Lucent Lighting became a carbon neutral business.

We know that the world’s natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. One of the most effective ways of reducing this impact is reusing and incorporating recycled materials in to the design and manufacture of products.


80% of Lucent’s product ranges are modular, allowing for interchangeability and upgrade. We have already been committed to this over the past 5 years eg: halogen or MH to LED. In practice, LED modules will last much longer than they are currently being used. In addition, the body of the fixtures will extend far beyond this time.

We have now committed that all new Lucent products are to be designed in a modular way. This will allow for interchangeability across all product families. We are also revisiting current lines to ensure this modularity is across 100% of the range.

Lucent ProCycle

Lucent Lightings luminaires are designed to outlast the LEDs. In practice, over the last 20 years of the linear economy model we have all been living in, fixtures are still being used for a relatively short period of time and then either thrown away or recycled. Whilst the recycling element is an improvement, it isn’t enough to halt climate change on its own.

With this in mind, Lucent are pleased to announce Lucent ProCycle.

What will this deliver?

Lucent ProCycle will ensure:

  • A 20-year duty of care following supply of the complete luminaire.
  • When the luminaire reaches the end of life, the LED and driver can be returned to Lucent for refurbishment of the LED module. The driver will be re-supplied back to site, with a new 5-year warranty for a fraction of the cost of a new fixture.
  • During the refurb time, a float of modules can be supplied so the lighting can remain on.
  • If the product is no longer required, they can be returned to Lucent for credit against a future order. Lucent will refurbish the entire fixture with new COB and optics and put it into “recycled stock” for supply in to the market.

The ProCycle initiative will undoubtedly contribute significantly to Lucent’s commitment to monitor, evaluate and develop practices that ensure the company is a carbon-neutral enterprise.

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